Electrodes Manufacturing

The graphite electrodes

With our high performance milling machine HIGH SPEED EAGLE V5 we are specialised in producing graphite electrodes for eroding machines. It is the ideal machine for automated work on graphite and other dust raising materials.

Why graphite electrodes?

Generally graphite is easier to process than other electrode materials such as copper. This makes the production faster and more cost – efficient. Moreover graphite is heat – resisting, therefore it won’t change form during the erode process. This guarantees higher precision.

The high conductibility ensures a higher removal rate for eroding. The time for eroding with graphite electrodes can be reduced to one third. This makes for a distinct cost advantage in the tool making process.

Production of graphite electrodes in commissioned work

Besides our core business, the injection moulding, we also offer to produce electrodes. Please request your relevant electrodes.

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