Special machines


Throughout the years we have consistently invested in the latest technology. That is why we are able to produce cost-efficient top quality tools in a short period of time. Following a short overview of our tool portfolio.

Vertical EDM machine Ingersoll Gantry 500

travelling distance X/Y/Z:

Vertical EDM machine Mitsubishi EA 8

travelling distance X/Y/Z:

Milling machine Hermle U740 travelling distance X/Y/Z:
Milling machine Mikron WF 41 travelling distance X/Y/Z:
Milling machine OPS Ingersoll travelling distance 3-Axis X/Y/Z:

5-Axis high speed milling machine

travelling distance 5-Axis:
Durchmesser 400mm und 380mm Höhe
Wire EDM machine Mitsubishi BA 8 travelling distance X/Y/Z:
Surface grinding machine Stöckel
FNX 640-Z ST2
travelling distance X/Y/Z:


A particular highlight is our 5-Axis high speed milling machine, which we use to produce graphite electrodes. For more details click here.

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