Technology and materials

For the production of injection moulded parts we have 24 modern injection moulding machines available made by Arburg and Battenfeld. On these machines we produce more than 1,200 different plastic components for a variety of branches of industry.

Our modern injection moulding machines are capable of an injection shot weight of 1g up to 2.8 kg with clamping forces of 350 kN up to 5,700 kN. We process all thermoplastics known to technology.

Finished, moulded parts with complex geometry and in practically any size can be manufactured in one single step by the injection moulding process.
This way, the manufacture of injection moulded components can be carried through in a very short time, while at the same time injection moulding is especially suited for the production of large quantities.

As a result of our high degree of automation and our factory equipped with modern machines, we can guarantee you a high level of quality, consistency and process reliability, as well as cost effectiveness.

Further processing such as conditioning, assembly, printing, hot embossing and lacquering likewise form part of our service range.

WPK - Thermoplastische Kunststoffe
WPK - inklusive Montage
WPK - inklusive Lakierung
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